“Or might the soul clone itself,create a perfect imitationof something yet to bedefined? In this way,can a reflection be altered?”
“Or might the soul clone itself,
create a perfect imitation
of something yet to be
defined? In this way,
can a reflection be altered?”

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Now I Get It (by Winslow Mortimer & Mike Esposito from Spidey Super Stories #15, 1976)


Now I Get It (by Winslow Mortimer & Mike Esposito from Spidey Super Stories #15, 1976)

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Don’t send nudes



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I am Storm, and for me, there are no such things as limits.

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Storm for everythingthatiswrongwithamerica!


Captain America & Winter Solider Best Friend Necklaces



Winter Solider and Captain America best friends necklaces! You can pick a half to give your best friend or significant other.

I used my Cap shield and my winter Solider inspired logos. With some cute beads of course if you want them removed I can do that as well.

The half symbols come together and form a star. I have seen this idea a few places but never as best friend necklaces. I added a best friend charm to! Perfect for any Marvel fan!

You get both Necklaces!

adding the last photo incase you don’t want to share. Also you can see what the other charms look like :) 

Penny for the size Made from Shrink Plastic. 

Contact me for Custom orders.

Get them here

Woah I am over whelmed at how much you guys like these! BEST FRIEND CHARMS ARE BACK IN STOCK!!!!! Or you can have other things to take there place, I can do a Machine gun, a bullet charm, two sides of beads, a small gun, a name in shrink plastic of your friend or a saying, blue or red star charms. p>

thanks so much for the reblogs I’m blown away by your support! ! Give away is up and on the page you can win one of these along with lots of goodies! check it out!!! You can win these and more!!! 

Also guys I’m seeing lots of I don’t have best friends notes but i have key chains, I can do earring with half and half or you can wear both together as well. All is not lost guys :) or I can do custom orders with one set as well just contact me

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